Mansion of Vuong Family Ha Giang

The road leads to the mansion is paved with boulder. At the entrance, many visitors take photograph with Dui lian. The mansion of Vuong family is situated at 1600 meters height above sea level; the mansion was built in turtle-shaped hill, looking to the south. The structure has shape of word “Vuong”

Through the time, the mansion still retains the original appearance. This place which converges all unique architectures of upland is not large but it has a beautiful architectural structure. Vuong mansion was built by the skillful of craftsmen who came from Yunnan (China) along with the best of the H’Mong workers.

Therefore, the structure has architecture of China reign of Thanh combined with essence of the H’Mong. All parts of structure are carved sophisticated into dragon, phoenixes, bats… shapes symbolizing longevity, prosperity of the family. In the house, there hang a picture of Nguyen dynasty. The whole of mansion has an area of 1.120m2 with 64 different rooms including living room, office, bedroom, family member’s room, kitchen, opium storage…

The mansion has three stilted houses. The main house faces the gate, two houses parallel and perpendicular to the main house. All stilted houses were made of wood. The main house is the place of Vuong Chinh Duc, the other houses for soldiers who server and protect the mansion. Apart from the main area, the mansion also was designed living room, pool…

These items are built in accordance with the practices of the H’Mong living in highland. The wall is built around with military guards to ensure the security of the whole building. Besides, Ha Giang Provincial museum has display more of its artifacts reflect the cultural life and productive labor of the H’Mong.

Today, the mansion has been classified by the State as the national architectural relic, primarily to serve tourists to visit and learn more about history. The descendants of Vuong’s family were built the houses in front of the mansion by Ha Giang province. Architectural relics of Vuong family mansion is concerned as a green gem in the heart of Dong Van upland.

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