Experience a sweet littele mystery in Dong Van karst plauteau

Dong Van district is a high-border region of Ha Giang. 1,000 m above the sea surface, terrain is composed of mostly mountain rocks. The district is only 146 km from Ha Giang town but transportation is very difficult. In winter temperatures in Dong Van sometime drop to 1oC and in summer hottest time is just around 24oC and it is foggy throughout the year.

Dong Van has the extreme point of North Vietnam in Lung Cu. It is said that if not on Lung Cu, it has not yet considered to be in Dong Van, Lung Cu is reckon as the “rooftops of Viet Nam” where one turn their face down to touch earth and turn up to touch heaven”.

Dong Van rocky plateau not only is sculpture product, a historical rocky page of the nature present to human people but also contain a lot of potential values such as, Geo-heritages, biological diversity, tourism, fossils…
Dong Van famous for its delicious fruit: peach, plum, pear, apples. Dong Van is also famous for its scenery such as mountains, caves, the forests colorful flowers… This place is created for artists a source of inspiration to make works of art, photographers do not have a two in the world of nature: forests, mountains, fields stairs … unique photos which cannot be found anywhere in the world about nature, mountains, forests, rice terraces…

Dong Van is a unique combination between Geo-heritages and cultural heritages which has attracted many travelers and tourists within and outside country.

Coming to Dong Van is an opportunity to test your courage with heavenly high passes and deep abyss. But in turn, you are immersed with the majestic natural beauty, living alongside people still poor but full of joy and happiness in life.

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